Where have I been?

As you guys all know I have not posted in a long while due to lack of inspiration, confidence and forgetting that I had a blog until someone said the word "blog" #cantbebotheredism. Blogging takes a lot of time and concentration but I will try and blog a lot more this year. I have quite a lot of ideas that I would like to write about. Over the past few months I have gained a lot of ideas and love for and from instagram so if your not on the site JOIN NOW!

Ps.This year I might just start doing Ootd's as I have new clothes I'd like to mess about with.


Birthday Candles

Well I had an amazing Birthday XD
I had so much fun, though I did spend most of my day on the computer
looking at funny memes, gifs and pictures! For dinner I felt eating pizza
so we ordered Domino's *yum* The Meateor was the best!
 I got some Chocolate which I just can't live without! A cute little notebook,
 that will be used to keep all of my blogging ideas, as well as other stuff!
   A new Bible, a vintage bird hanger, a plum purple beanie
though it doesn't really look that colour in this photo does it, lol.
  A New York 85 baseball top and a oversized checked shirt
  Which I am overly obsessed with. It's so cute and goes with nearly everything. 
 Sorry about posting this so late, I have been really busy this summer and don't 
know where all the days disappeared to. I feel I've done nothing at all, but I will 
hopefully start blogging more when it gets to September.



Black Enamel Rounds

  I got these at £3 at Primark
They're really cute and come with a little bag.
They also come in colours white and tortoiseshell
Me and my sister had been looking for these for ages,
 but we just couldn't find them till now.
I got them at the right time because on Tuesday I was at the beach!