Well on Friday I came back from a HEC conference in Wales
it was really fun!
I got to socialize with other A.C.E. home-schoolers
We had activity's at 10:00am and Bible studies at about 8:30pm
It was great to meet people who did the same curriculum as me,
so we could like relate on the ups and downs of PACE'S and also homeschooling.

 Here is a few new things I brought with me!

 Now this  black hoodie is my faviourite hoodie,
its really soft and has two pockets.

  This indigo top is actually really nice,
it has really pretty lace designs on the front, and its my favourite colour.

Here is some pics I we took around the
Cefn lea Christian conference Center!


We all had the most excellent time,
 we even watch the world cup in the cinema what was really cool as well
We were having sooo much fun we didn't take much photo's
But hopefully by God's grace we will next year!

H&M Top sale £3
H&M Hoodie £9.99


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