25 facts about meeeee!

 Heyy, I'm Keziah.
Welcome to my blog!
 Since i'm new to blogging, I've decided to share some facts about myself so you can get to know me

1. Age?

2. Favourite colour?
 Navy blue

3. Any pets?
 I have a cat called Harrison (weird name for a cat, i know)

4. Favourite song?
Silhouettes -Avicci

5. Bad habit?
 I still suck my thumb *hides*

6. Favourite food?
junk food

7. One thing you love?

8. Favourite clothes stores?
 H&M and Topshop

9. Favourite bands?
 Avicci and MB

10.  Weird fact?
I can move my ears

11. Favourite drink?
Anything fizzy

12. Any piercings?
My ears

13. Play any instruments?
Not really

14. Nickname?

15. Shoe size?

16. Any siblings?
3 sisters

17. Favourite ice-cream?

18.Favourite Disney Movie?

 19. Movies I want to watch?
Frozen and Peabody and Sherman

20. One thing you dislike?
When people sing the wrong words to a song as if the know it.

21.One thing you hate doing?

22.Favourite Tv show?
Lab Rats

23. Hobbies?
Skating, drawing,running, and singing

24. Favourite day of the week?

25. Why did you decide to make a blog?
Because my sister has one LOL

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